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Clicking games

Clicking games are the mouse-based games that generally play using the mouse or on mobile devices, these kinds of games are played using finger touch. These types of games are so famous due to their easy ness to play. Anywhere any time we can play these types of games in mobile or tablet using a finger. Some of the best top-rated games in this clicking game category are Temple run and subway surfer. 

I know you might be saying why I let other games but yes there are lots of popular games, but I am mentioning only these two because these games are played so much at some time now also these games are quite popular. So on this website, we will provide you some games which are easy to play using a finger or mouse.

What are clickers games

This is a special type of category of games, these games are very easy to play and need some activeness and some attention to play. Clicker game has less control system like swipe control, touch screen control so that user can play on mobile with a single finger or in a computer using mouse only, these type of games are called clicking games. 

There are some other easy to play games like accelerometer control but these type of games are dedicated to mobile or tablet users because these games need to rotate or move the device.

Mouse based games are good for kids who are learning computers, by playing these games one advantage is kids can understand the mouse and how to use the mouse properly.

Free online Clicking games

These are some free games from crazy games, you can play these games and enjoy, these games are handled using a mouse and some need keyboard too for player movement. These games are easy to play and easy to start, no need any specific hardware specification. So enjoy have fun.


Clicking games for Kids

Kids need these kinds of games and they enjoy these games, these games are made for all aged people, but kids like them more because they don't know much control and that's the reason kids enjoy these type of games in a computer system they enjoy to play using mouse control. 

So we have provided some games here to enjoy these games and comment on us for requirements. We will provide you more games and the websites or games link to play.

Save The Galaxy

Save The Galaxy Game

This is a battle game, and there is an alien attack on the planet, you have to kill aliens by pressing mouse cursor over aliens by pressing over aliens his health would decrease and you will on his death. So this game is pretty good for kids to play. 

This game is available to play on crazy games by the name "Save the galaxy". This is a very easy game to play. This game can be played in a web browser and you have to press the left mouse button over the enemy, that's it.

Puppe master

Puppe master game
Puppetmaster is a simple game publish by crazy games. In this game, there is a puppet you have to click on puppet and he will be hit by knife and you will get points, however, the puppet will be recovered soon after knife disappears in some seconds. 

So this is a nice game for people to play for time pass. You will earn coins as points and using those coins you can collect upgrade.

For elder or adult person this game is not so worthy to play. However, try once to play.

Lip Mouth

Lip Mouth game
In this game character of the game is moving forward, you have to kill the different kids of monster coming in front of the character and protect him by killing the monster by clicking over him. You have to click many times over the monster and his health will be reduced to die. 

On each click over the monster, you will get coins that you can utilize to buy an upgrade in the game. This game pretty nice to play.


Psyclotron game
In this Psyclotron game, you have to click on a circular ring and you will earn points. Later levels this ring size will increase and you will get more coins on that. Use your coins to upgrade. 

This is simply for kids.

Tree Tap Money

Tree Tap Money Game
Tree tap money is a very simple game and this game can be play by any age people. In this game player has to click on the tree and on each click player will get the coin. 

On clicking, the tree will move and the coin will be added to the player total coin. Thes coins can be utilized to buy upgrade in the game.

Best clicking games of mouse

Here we are providing a list of some best clicking games for your pc or mobile. Enjoy these games and let us know how you like after playing these games. Here is the complete list of best clicking games or mouse-based games to play online.
  • Subway surfers
  • Slither io
  • Raft wars-multiplayer
  • Sling kong
  • Iron snout
  • Tunnel rush
  • Mafia wars
  • Soul spark
  • Ludo hero
  • Strings
  • Wordsmith
  • Super sniper game
  • Elastic man game

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